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Chassé (sha-SAY): when you “chase,” one foot following the other
Pas de bourrée (PAH de boo-RAY): when you move quickly with small, linked steps
Relevé (reh-leh-VAY): when you go up on tiptoe
Rond de jambe (RON de JAHMB): when you circle your leg around, on the ground, or in the air
Cabriole (ka-bree-OLE): when you jump and clap your legs together and apart in the air
Pirouette (peer-WET): when you spin like a top on one leg
Jeté (juh-TAY): when you leap forward from one foot to the other
Sauté (soh-TAY): when you jump straight up in the air
Assemblé (a-sahm-BLAY): when you leap in the air, bring your feet together, and land a ways away
Chaîné (sheh-NAY): when you link turns together
Plié (plee-AY): when you bend your knees
Arabesque (ar-a-BESK): when you stand on one leg with the other leg stretched out in the air behind you

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